• EAST WEST - released after a decade wait!

    I remember the video filming pretty well.  I sang the Banshee wail at the church where 'hands statue ' was . Then I assisted when Richard Smyth was to jump into the center of the 'Lahore TikkaHouse'  and play EAST WEST thru the full restaurant. It was thrilling watching him play steady straight thru the centre in one long sequence shot ! one take , no edits.Waiting to see it seemed endless and time went by... Fast forward to 2021, pandemic times and word arrived , lost footage was found !! Now may  I present this New Year's Day: EASTWEST : hand held shots, long sequence shot - 2012 . Rich it's great & congrats you rock and thank you darememedia! d


  • SONG STORIES- Gordon Lightfoot's - 'Does your mother know'

    "Does Your Mother Know"-Gordon Lightfoot ©MooseMusic.Used by permission.        

    *Story: Set in '67- a daughter's inner struggle after leaving home. When Mark approached me about singing a Gordon Lightfoot song, well this was no light decision. My first thought went back to my grade school teacher who sang & strummed GL songs for us everyday. I was enamoured and moved from piano towards guitar, teaching myself his songs. Perhaps a sign to return to my folk roots. So I became familiar again with Gordon's amazing original recording of 'Does Your Mother Know' 1968- the sound, his voice ..the strings..a viewpoint was becoming clear. I was the runaway in his song. I would bring the emotion to the song as my younger self. I ran away at 17 & joined a Rock&Roll band. I loved the road life , but I found letters to home and phone calls difficult. I did attempt my feelings on 'the runaway life' from 'AS I AM' Now I had an opportunity, a window back to my younger self. Thank you Gordon for your constant Inspiration and gifts. And Mark Shannon for the chance to dig deeper and your beautiful inspired arrangement. A now this video! Produced & arranged by Mark Shannon-https://www.facebook.com/ mstudiotoronto Mstudio ©aug/12



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