• SONG STORIES- Gordon Lightfoot's - 'Does your mother know'

    "Does Your Mother Know"-Gordon Lightfoot ©MooseMusic.Used by permission.        

    *Story: Set in '67- a daughter's inner struggle after leaving home. When Mark approached me about singing a Gordon Lightfoot song, well this was no light decision. My first thought went back to my grade school teacher who sang & strummed GL songs for us everyday. I was enamoured and moved from piano towards guitar, teaching myself his songs. Perhaps a sign to return to my folk roots. So I became familiar again with Gordon's amazing original recording of 'Does Your Mother Know' 1968- the sound, his voice ..the strings..a viewpoint was becoming clear. I was the runaway in his song. I would bring the emotion to the song as my younger self. I ran away at 17 & joined a Rock&Roll band. I loved the road life , but I found letters to home and phone calls difficult. I did attempt my feelings on 'the runaway life' from 'AS I AM' Now I had an opportunity, a window back to my younger self. Thank you Gordon for your constant Inspiration and gifts. And Mark Shannon for the chance to dig deeper and your beautiful inspired arrangement. A now this video! Produced & arranged by Mark Shannon-https://www.facebook.com/ mstudiotoronto Mstudio ©aug/12



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